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Tree Removal, Bucket Truck, and Crane Service


Premier Landscaping Inc. offers high quality, professional tree removal/bucket truck service throughout the Commonwealth and it's surrounding towns. We can remove anything pertaining to trees including unsafe branches/limbs, etc. Any overhanging branches or branches causing damage to a roof of a house or structure can be removed. We also provide pruning and trimming services for trees that are not causing any damage, and simply need some maintenance.

Our Tree Removal, Trimming and Pruning Process

Each tree removal or trimming job is unique. The type and size of tree(s) and where the tree is located in relation to any structures on the property will influence the pricing and the action plan. Because of this, each job starts with a free site survey. One or more of our highly trained technicians will visit your property for a visual inspection, and to hear the wants and needs of the property owner.

We'll create an estimate for the complete job. Once the estimate is approved, we'll make sure that all of the state safety requirements have been met, including calling Dig Safe. Then our professionals will begin the process of the tree removal. Depending on the size of the tree it may be taken down in parts or cut down and then broken up.

Tree Material Disposal

Prior to starting the job, we'll discuss with the property owner which displosal method they prefer. We can cut the tree into manageable size pieces and leave it on the proerty. We can also remove, grind and dispose of all the material if that is preferred. Additionally, we can use a grinding process to completely remove the tree stump if needed. Stump removal will add a little to the cost of the job.

Difficult Jobs, Tree Relocation and Emergency Service

Some tree removal jobs can be particularly dangerous or potentially damaging to surrounding property. Our highly trained, experienced technicians can usually find a solution to remove almost any tree, including difficult jobs that may require special care and consideration. Since we perform a site analysis before starting work, we'll make sure to create the safest action plan possible, and also to discuss the plan with property owners to ensure the safest outcome for both them and our staff.

Premier Landscaping Inc. will cover all damage that occurs on a property if it is the error of one of our crew members.

Although it is rare, occasionally a client may want a tree to be relocated on their property rather than removed. All jobs will be looked at individually. If we believe a tree can be relocated we are capable of doing that, however we do not guarantee transplant because sometimes a tree can go through stress when being relocated and will not survive. We advise all our customers of this before attempting a relocation.

For emergency jobs that happen after normal business hours it is best to call as soon as the concern arises

Premier Landscaping Inc. Are Your Tree Removal Experts

Our experienced, highly trained and qualified arbor technicians will make sure that your tree removal job goes safely, quickly and affordably. Just give us a call at (781) 986-9600 or contact usto schedule service or with any questions you may have. We're ready to help!


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